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Message from Vice Chancellor

Message from Dr. C P Alexander, Vice Chancellor, IU Nagaland

Today education has become an area of interest to everyone; to that extent it seems to have lost its sacrosanct flavour, creating confusion on what truly ought to be the objective of education. The main focus of education in the ancient times was to inculcate value-oriented life skills to the learners, with the intention of establishing a cohesive society. This is vivid not only in the Gurukula system, but also explicitly showcased in Arthasastra let alone similar systems in other civilizations across the globe.

However, since the dawn of scientific temperament, somewhere between 16th and 17th century, there has been a paradigm shift in the way the humans began to perceive the world in general and life in particular. The 'subjective' human values were replaced by the 'objective' materialistic values; and ever since there is no turning back. Today the entire educational process is, as it were, attuned to maximize the materialistic productivity which would add up to economic affluence. Thus, knowledge has become the vanguard of Economy and Power; and the consequence of this is visible in the national and international relations.

Given this, the ICFAI University Nagaland takes pride in providing education that is not only aimed at multi-tasking skills, but also the one that nurtures the holistic development of individuals. We believe that true education ought to promote free thinking that would lead to innovations and social transformation. Thus, our curriculum and pedagogy aims at nurturing the creative potentialities of the students, enriched in rationally and emotionally cohesive social values, which is necessary for world peace and sustainability.

Welcome to ICFAI University Nagaland.

Charles P. Alexander,
Vice Chancellor


The ICFAI University, Nagaland has been established under the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Nagaland Act 2006 passed by Legislative Assembly of Nagaland. The University has been notified under Notification No. HE/9-2/2004 (vol.1) Dated, 19-06-2008.


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