Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Education

The department of Education was established in July 2013. The department offers Bachelors of Arts degree course in Education consists of six semesters in three years covering six course papers with optional selective papers. Under CBCS courses Department of education offers 2 Open Elective Courses: PE(O) 341 Principles of Education, and TE(O)351 Teacher Education.

BA Education Honors have started since 2016-2019 session and offers a wide range of courses covering different related disciplines to education as Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, history, technology, etc. and also emerging trends like Women education, Human rights education, Peace education, Life skills education, Educational Management and Administration, Guidance and Counseling, Special education, Teacher education, etc.

The Department is introducing MA in Education from 2021-2023 Session with the objective of preparing the educators and researchers who understand the principles, factors and components to guide and control the process of education thereby produce effective teachers and researchers to carry on the process of educating in the development of individuals as well as society.


  • Mis. Retongkokla, Assistant Proessor
  • Mis. Renbililo M Humtsoe, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Tiakala, Assistant Professor & HoD

Department of History

The Department of History at ICFAI University had its inception in July 2013. The Department is committed to providing excellence in teaching and research. It is student focused and led by committed and creative academicians. Throughout the course of their studies, students will be introduced to different approaches and methods of history to help them evaluate and interpret the past. Innovative teaching methods and student-led projects ensure students to be motivated by the discipline they are learning, and help them carry their own research in the future. The Department offers history as one of the elective papers in the Undergraduate programme and has integrated CBCS (Choice Base Credit System) and offers two courses in the B.A. (semester 4&5). The Department also offers M.A. programme in history.

The M.A. History Programme is designed to impart a comprehensive and analytical understanding of history of India and world history to students. The Department offers variety of challenging courses to equip students with the knowledge of the nature and purpose of history, historiography, historical methods, gender in history, military history. Other recent trends and themes in history such as Dalit studies and environmental history will be taught. It also offers courses in archival studies, archaeology and museology. Seminars, lectures and field trips are organised to further enrich the students with the knowledge of history.

The faculty of the Department have actively published their works, participated in Faculty Development Programme, and presented papers on national and international platforms.

The Department at Present has three teaching faculty listed below:

  1. Dr. Resenmenla Longchar, Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. Khrienuo, Assistant Professor & HoD
  3. Mr. Yilobemo, Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

The department of economics of ICFAI University was started as a sub-department under the Department of Management in 2007 with only one faculty member Rangalal Mohapatra. With the introduction of BA Honours programme, the Department became a fully-fledged department since June 2013. Since then, the department of Economics has been functioning with great success rate. In July 2020, the department introduced PG programme.

At present the following faculty members are serving under the department of Economics.

  • Dr. Aosenla Pongen (Head of the Department)
  • Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mahapatra, Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. Imnasangla Ao, Assistant Professor
  • Miss. Odimenla Jamir, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Keyipho Longkumer, Assistant Professor
  • Miss. Pecuvinuo Kape, Assistant Professor.

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science, a dynamic, and academically growing department offers BA (Honors), MA programme and Ph.D. programme. The courses are structured to provide students with a conceptual foundation in the discipline, an ability to critically analyse the omnipresence of the “political.” The various courses also aim to examine the nature, distribution, and dynamics of power-both at the macro level of national and international politics and at the micro level of the individual, family, and community. It also imparts them the requisite skills-through live projects, critical reviews of articles and assignments in undertaking research that can go beyond conventional disciplinary structures. The Department carries pride in its qualified faculty members who have varied experiences in teaching as well as in research.

At present, the Department has five (5) teaching faculty:

  • Dr. Khrukulu Khusoh, Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. Elmie K Rengma, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Shasanka Sekhar Pati, Assistant Professor & HoD
  • Dr. J Nukshimenla Lemtur, Assistant Professor