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Campus Infrastructure

  • The University has an excellent library; well-equipped computer lab with the latest in the field of IT & Internet connectivity; and exceptional classrooms with modern teaching aids.
  • The University is situated at 6th Mile in Sovima, Dimapur and is well equipped with the facilities needed to deliver high-quality instruction.
  • The university has well-furnished classrooms with cutting-edge teaching aids, an outstanding computer lab with the newest in IT, and an excellent library with photocopying capabilities.
  • Safety & Security :The university campus is provided with CCTV, Fire Safety and Security Guards.


Faculty Resources

The University plays a signifi cant role in ensuring quality education through interactive teaching. The faculty brings their extensive knowledge, professional experience and advanced education to their task at the University. The faculty members have very good academic backgrounds and sound conceptual knowledge in their respective disciplines. They are practicing professionals and academicians drawn from industry and leading institutions. The commitment to teaching shapes their involvement with the students. Faculty members emphasize both theory and practice in the classrooms.

Academic Infrastructure

Classroom Instruction: In order to develop and solidify their mastery of the disciplines, students receive full-time classroom education. To assess learning outcomes, continuous and thorough evaluation is used. Additionally,tutoring classes are a regular occurrence for pupils in need.

Library facilities

A well-stocked library is available at the university, and new books, periodicals, journals, magazines, and other publications are added on a regular basis. The bestselection of modern books and magazines are available to students, complementing the required textbooks and reference materials. The central library’s materials offer chances for gaining a deep appreciation and comprehension of management and information technology topics outside of the traditional classroom setting. Additionally, the University participates in the National Digital Library.

Computing facilities

The University offers the most up-to-date hardware and software infrastructure required to meet all faculty and student computing needs as well as the training requirements for courses connected to information technology. The university has servers and several terminals with a variety of operating systems, allowing for a client-server scenario. Students are given access to the internet so they can use the internet to continue their ongoing quest for knowledge.

Library & Information Science Lab

The University also houses a specialized lab equipped with library science related software fortraining students with the up-to-date technology in the subject.

Sports & Development

The University places a high value on encouraging studentsto participate in sports at the local, state, and national levels.

Faculty Resources

Through engaging instruction, the university contributes significantly to the provision of high-quality education. The university’sfaculty members contribute a wealth of expertise, practical experience, and advanced education to their work. The academic credentials of the faculty members are exceptional, and they possess solid conceptual understanding of their respective fields. Our faculty consists of academics and working professionals who have been selected from top universities and organisations nationwide.

Educational Approach & Pedagogy

The University’s instructional approach promotes independent thought and aids in the development of positive attitudes, comprehensive viewpoints, solid topic knowledge, and contemporary skill sets in its students. The university has developed a thorough, student-centered learning approach with various stages that is intended to significantly improve the learner’s comprehension in an integrated way. The following campus-based programs are provided by the university.